Florian Stanek

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Florian Stanek
Winner German Musical Theatre Prize 2018 - Best Leading Actor

Florian Stanek was born in 1988 in Vienna. He studied musical theatre at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna, MUK Wien (formerly: Konservatorium Wien). Subsequently he went on to study physical theatre at the prestigious École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

Stage credits include: The Tipi am Kanzleramt Berlin ( Conférencier in "Cabaret"), the Graz Opera (in "Ragtime", "Puss in Boots", "Grimm", among others), the Theater an der Wien ("Die Dreigroschenoper", with Tobias Moretti and Anne Sofie von Otter), the Landestheater Linz (" The Hare with the Amber Eyes"), the Chemnitz Opera ("Emil and the Detectives"), the Bühne Baden (in "Gräfin Mariza", "Victor/Victoria", "Das Dreimäderlhaus", among others), the Lehár Festival Bad Ischl, the Festival Kittsee and numerous other venues.

Film & TV: Florian Stanek konnte bisher in den Produktionen Applause/Potlesk“ (Kino), „Vorstadtweiber“, „Soko Donau“, Letzter Wille“, „Kalahari Gemsen“ (alle ORF), den Dänischen Rundfunk DR, sowie den Kurzfilm „Unter Freunden“ (ATV) vor der Kamera stehen.

He was awarded the 2018 German Musical Theatre Prize as "Best Leading Actor in a Musical".

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"Perfect acting and a terrific voice, a pleasure to watch"
(Musicals, issue 163)

Selected Productions

La Périchole | Theater an der Wien

Rolle: Notar

Cabaret | Tipi am Kanzleramt Berlin

Role: Conférencier

(c) Barbara Braun

Der Hase mit den Bersteinaugen | Landestheater Linz

Roles: Rudolf Ephrussi, Stefan Ephrussi

Awarded the German Musical Theatre Prize 2019 for Best Musical

The Zarewitsch | Bad Ischl Léhar Festival

Roles: Bordolo, Prime Minister

"Delicate Florian Stanek as Prime Minister and Bordolo." Michael Wruss, OÖN

"Florian Stanek pulls off the transformation from Russian apparatchik to Neapolitan lover, back and forth, even in a matter of seconds." Robert Fraunholzer, Rondo

"Absolutely worth seeing!" BR Classic

"Great enthusiasm among the audience for the splendid performance of the profound operetta, for which there was thunderous applause!" Fred Dorfer, Kronenzeitung

"The overall performance of the ensemble is fascinating under Isabella Gregor's imaginative, precise direction. (...) Florian Stanek alternates between emotionless prime minister and vivacious Bordolo." Ingo Rickl, OÖ Volksblatt

Puss in boots | Graz Opera

Role: Frédéric, a cat

"A smooth French cat, in best hands with Florian Stanek"
(M. Reichart, Kronen Zeitung)

"Florian Stanek brings the feline habitus to life with perfection." (Kulturreferat Graz)

"An ingenious hit" (Elisabeth Spitz, Kurier)

Ragtime | Graz Opera

Role: Harry Houdini

„This production will definitely set a milestone in the Austrian musical theatre community.“ (David Baczyk, Broadwayworld.com)

"Outstanding among the excellent company: Florian Stanek (Houdini) and Katja Berg (Emma Goldman)." (Karin Zehetleitner, APA)

"Andrea Purtic from the opera studio or Florian Stanek are strong "regional" additions to the huge cast of almost 30, not counting choir and extras." (Martin Gasser, Kronenzeitung)

The Threepenny Opera | Theater an der Wien

Role: Hakenfinger-Jakob

Grimm | Graz Opera

Role: Rex

"Franz Gollner and Florian Stanek are marvellous dog characters." (Kleine Zeitung)

"Franz Gollner as the old yard dog Sultan and Florian Stanek as his son Rex portray marvellous dog-characters." (Kronenzeitung)

"Wonderfully layered Florian Stanek as mieschievous dog Rex, the young hunter and son of Sultan." (Musical&CO)

"Florian Stanek as the young hunting dog Rex plays the character with the biggest dramatic evolvement over the course of the piece. Starting with juvenile naivity, he finally overcomes his fear of the foreign and frolicks through the woods with Grimm. Stanek portrays this development skillfully and convincingly in every stage." (Blickpunkt Musical, Ausgabe 75)

Urinetown | Konservatorium Wien

Role: Officer Lockstock

"Florian Stanek is leading the way as Officer Lobstock. Commandingly he guides through the action and masters the difficult part who belongs to the dark force but also has to gain the sympathy of the audience." (Blickpunkt Musical)

"His conversations with Little Sally are a humoristic highlight and are appreciated by the audience with loud laughs and applause. [...] Florian Stanek as Officer Lobstock guides through the evening expertly and with exceptional humour. The laughter is on his side." (Da Capo)

"Florian Stanek as narrator and executioner officer Lobstock has decided on mild cynism with a dose of subtle charm. Good! Confident, a cool mix of posing and punchlines. Together with Franziska Kemna (Little Sally) they unscrupulously but very amusingly mock the musical business." (Musicals)

Countess Maritza | Bühne Baden

Role: Penicek

„Ideal as valet de chambre Penizek (Florian Stanek).“ Kronen Zeitung

"Penizek makes an impact because he is not the old, mumbling Hans Moser type, but a tall, gangling grotesque comic who can't deny that he is a cabaret artist: Florian Stanek." Der Neue Merker

„De typische clowneske rol van Penizek was in goede handen bij Florian Stanek“ Opera Gazet

„Florian Stanek as Penizek alongside countess Bozena (Ulli Fessl) - a refreshing comic duo.“ Kultur und Wein

"(...) the Penizek of young Florian Stanek is utterly amusing." Niederösterreichische Nachrichten

Beauty and the Beast | Felsenbühne Staatz

Role: Lumière

"Florian Stanek as Lumière provides the evidence that there are great talents in the next generation of musical theatre performers. He performs as if he hasn't done anything else in the last 20 years. He offers perfect acting and a terrific voice, it is a pleasure to watch him. In "Be our guest" the young performer scintillates, but his interactions with Elisabeth Sikora as duster Babette are delightful too." (Musicals, issue 163)

"Florian Staneks enchantingly comic Lumière is a highlight. His original interpretation of the spellbound candelabrum is distinguished in wit and French charm." (Blickpunkt Musical No. 5/13)

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