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Florian Stanek was born in 1988 in Vienna. He studied musical theatre at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna, MUK Wien (formerly: Konservatorium Wien). Subsequently he went on to study physical theatre at the prestigious École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He participated in courses at the Academy of Poetry and Music SAGO under the artistic direction of Christof Stählin in Mainz and Wasungen.

He is working as a bookwriter and lyricist as well as dramaturgic advisor for stage, film and TV productions with a focus on musical theatre and comedy.

His writing credits include: Book & Concept for the NESTROY AWARDS TV CEREMONY 2020 (ORF III), ISOLATION CLUB (Chamber opera, Chemnitz Opera), REIFE DAMEN (Musical comedy, Theater Schwedt), THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO & CARMEN (Opera Adaptions, Kittsee Festival), DIE FÜRCHTERLICHEN FÜNF (Book & Lyrics, Next Liberty Graz), THE IMAGINARY INVALID (Book & Lyrics, Sommerkomödie Bad Freienwalde), KALAHARI GEMSEN (TV sketch comedy, ORF 1, 3 SAT), KRONE DER ERSCHÖPFUNG and EIN GROSSES GWIRKS (Comedy revues, Cabaret Simpl, Vienna), TEA AT THREE (Book & Lyrics, Konservatorium Vienna), WAITING FOR ROMANCE (Book, Konservatorium Vienna), PREMIERENFIEBER AM OLYMP (Book, Willendorf Theater), PLÖTZLICH PRINZ (Additional Lyrics, Vienna Metropol), KOMMT NOCH WER? (Book & Lyrics, Sommerkomödie Bad Freienwalde), SING BABY SING! (Book, Sommerkomödie Bad Freienwalde), SPIELtrieb! (Book & Lyrics, Int. Schiller Talks)

Collaborations: ORF, BB Entertainment Group, Satisfiction Media, Musik & Bühne Wiesbaden, Carin Filipcic

He won multiple awards at the International MUT Authors' Competition of the Gärtnerplatztheater Munich (2016 & 2018), was a finalist in the Comedy Competition of the prestigious Komödie am Kurfürstendamm Berlin (2020) and received a grant from the German Literary Fund (2020).

Preisträger MUT-Autorenwettbewerb 2016 & 2018
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"Tremendously funny but also thought-provoking"

Kevin Clarke, Berliner Zeitung

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"Hilarious satirical text arrangements"

Josef Schmitt, Die Presse

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"Bristling with humour and mocking musicality"

Die Kultur B5 Aktuell

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"Funny, sharp-witted, a real treat"


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"Tasteful humour and contemporary bon mots"


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Selected Works

Florian Stanek | Autor

Isolation Club

Book & Lyrics: Florian Stanek | Music: Sebastian Brand

A chamber opera with beats for mezzo-soprano and bass-baritone

World premiere 2021 at the Chemnitz Opera

During lockdown, Hannah, a mid-20ies Youtube star, and Paul, who believes in conspiracy theories, meet on the internet. Unified by their search for realness in these unreal and digital times, they dream up a virtual club with electronic music. But the frontiers between dream and reality blur as the big question emerges: Does isolation really just happen in our heads?

This production received a grant by the German Literary Fonds in 2020.

"Florian Stanek's dualistic plot (...) is sure to find a place in the theatre chronicles: "Isolation Club" fits perfectly into the line of musical relationship plays such as Telemann's "Pimpinone", Wolf-Ferrari's "Susannen's Secret" or Harvey Schmidt's "I Do! I Do!". From these musical comedies, as we all know, one learns much about the trials of happiness, crises of sympathy and start-up difficulties, as well as the gender fluidity of earlier times." Concerti.de

"The subtitle chamber opera possibly runs the risk of scaring people away. Wrongly, because it is musical theatre without an access barrier for clubbers. The addition of "with beats" is meant seriously, but in turn should not scare off classical opera lovers for whom this might be rather noise. Overall, in fact, the result is an original novelty that is about the isolation of young people." NMZ

"A play that could hardly be more topical and whose thematic treatment is certainly always a kind of balancing act, not to slide into one or the other direction of opinion. Stanek has not done that in any scene. Rather, he has written a story of two young people that is so relatable to so many of us.“ Das Opernmagazin

Reife Damen

Book & Lyrics: Florian Stanek | Music: Sebastian Brand

Schwedt Theatre, 2021

The three elderly friends Anna, Waltraud and Gerda try to solve their financial troubles and decide to start a sex hotline. A Youtube video makes them go viral, which leads to unexpected consequences for the ladies...

"Tremendously funny but also thought-provoking. Stories about people older then 35 are much too rare." (Kevin Clarke, Berliner Zeitung)

"The audience enjoyed themselves and the reactions grew bigger as the ladies started to rehearse (for the hotline). Seeing the excerpt definitely whets the appetite for more!" (Andrea Martin, Kulturaspekte.de)

Krone der Erschöpfung

Comedy Revue

Kabarett Simpl, 2021

Contributions together with Jürgen Miedl

"The video conference sketch is great and the Simpl ensemble very playful. (...) The sketch wonderfully sums up how all the video conferencing during home office went." Kurier

"Refreshingly funny sketches about the Corona era. (...) A successful evening!" Falter

"The entertaining programme passes almost too quickly" Die Presse


Nestroy Awards TV Show 2020

Concept, Book, Lyrics

2020 was like a roller coaster ride for showpeople: The world was upside down. So why not set the Nestroy Austrian Theatre Awards Ceremony 2020 in the Vienna Prater amusement park? The show will be broadcast on Austrian national TV ORF III and will be presented by theatre stars Stefanie Reinsperger, Philipp Hochmair and ORF anchor Peter Fässlacher.

Le nozze di Figaro

Music: W.A. Mozart | Adaption: Florian Stanek

Kittsee Opera Festival 2018

"With the newly arranged "Marriage of Figaro", the Kittsee Festival has landed a small coup. (...) The omitting of the dry recitatives, which are regarded by many opera friends as a slowdown, strenghtens the theatrical effect as well as the topical comedic comments." (Josef Schmitt, Die Presse)

"Author and comedian Florian Stanek adapts the recitatives as funny, topical dialogue." (Florian Krenstetter, Kronenzeitung)

"Da Pontes Libretto was narrated by an apricot farmer of the region and illustrated with fruit and vegetable metaphors. Florian Staneks text entertained with wit, charm and topical commentary, for example on the Metoo movement." (Susanne Zobl, Kurier)

"Figaro delights" (orf.at)

"A smash hit." (Saskia Jahn, BVZ)

The imaginary invalid (Der eingebildet Kranke - Eine total kranke Revue)

Book & Lyrics: Florian Stanek | Music: Sebastian Brand

Winner Media Award & Audience Award, MUT-International Writers Competition 2016, Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Munich.

"Bristling with humour and mocking musicality" - Die Kultur B5 aktuell

"The audience on opening night was thrilled" - Märkische Oderzeitung

"Much applause and excited cheering" - Klassikinfo.de

"There is jodeling, tapdancing, (...) a pleasure to watch!" - Märkische Oderzeitung Online

"Thunderous applause" - Münchner Abendzeitung

Schultz & Schirm Publishing, Vienna.

Florian Stanek | Autor
Schultz und Schirm Logo

The Frightful Five

Book & Lyrics: Florian Stanek | Music: Sebastian Brand

Winner Audience Award, MUT International Writers Competition 2018, Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Munich

Musical based on the book by Wolf Erlbruch. World premiere 2018 at the Next Liberty Children- and Youththeatre Graz.

"Florian Staneks text is full of humour. The music by Sebastian Brand adds tempo and panache." - Hannah Michaeler, Kronenzeitung

"Enchanting children's musical (...) the hit of the 18/19 season (...) best entertainment for the whole family" - Kronenzeitung, March 2020

"The play with a lot of tempo is about the great longings and the rousing "groove" of good friends (who) compete to see who is the ugliest and most fearsome animal of them all. Until the moment when a hyena with her laughter and views causes a lot of hullabaloo and the ultimate hit." - steiermark.orf.at

Florian Stanek | Autor


Music: Georges Bizet | Adaption: Florian Stanek

Kittsee Opera Festival 2019

"Again this year, the concept is employed to cut most of the dialogue and keep the action going with the help of a narrator. This time the revived Bizet acts as opera guide: Johannes Glück scintillates with the hilarious satiric text-arrangements by Florian Stanek." - Josef Schmitt, Die Presse, 4.7.2019

"It has been made possible to enjoy the wonderful melodies - without too much dialogue. The spoken word has been cut short, because the ghost of Bizet, most charmingly portrayed by Johannes Glück, guides through the evening. Florian Stanek wrote the funny and sharp-witted text. This Bizet entertains, amuses, tells of his life and all about Carmen. A real treat!" - Kronenzeitung

"This year, the Kittsee Festival shows "Carmen" as an open air spectacle with humour. Under the direction of Dominik am Zehnhoff-Söns, the entertainer Johannes Glück welcomes the audience as Bizet and guides through the action with french charm. Already Johann Nestroy added topical stanzas to his songs. The Kittsee version of Carmen refers e.g. to the current smoking ban. (...) Entertaining, multifaceted and with musical drama." - Arabella Fenyves, Radio Klassik Stephansdom

"The german dialogue is written by Florian Stanek (...) Tasteful humour and contemporary bon mots." - Marcus Haimerl, IOCO.de

Kalahari Gemsen


Nominated for the audience award of the Austrian Comedy Prize

TV sketch comedy starring Ramesh Nair and Angelika Niedetzky for ORF 1 (Austrian national television) and 3 SAT (German, Swiss, Austrian television)

"A celebration of slapstick-comedy" - Kleine Zeitung

Tea at Three (Tee um drei)

Book & Lyrics: Florian Stanek | Music: Sebastian Brand

Musical, world premiere in 2015 at Konservatorium Vienna.

Based on a true story. Joe, an unemployed London truckdriver, tries to escape the debt trap with an ingenious plan: he "sells" the London Ritz Hotel. Disguised as a real estate agent, he puts the hotel up for sale and collects one million pounds. But for how long can he go on until his deception is unmasked?

"Surprising debut (...) quirky story with a lot of laughs and versatile music" - Blickpunkt Musical

"Theater entertainment at its best!" - Musical Awakening

"Don't miss it. (...) Contemporary and with a critical undertone... enchanting!" - Musical & Co

Ein großes Gwirks

Comedy Revue

Kabarett Simpl, 2008-2009

Contributions together with Jürgen Miedl

Florian Stanek | Autor

Waiting for Romance
Or: Frühstück bei Navratil


Musical with songs by Walter Jurmann. World premiere in 2010 at Konservatorium Vienna.

In a run-down cinema in Vienna, five unsatisfied movie fans come together. Suddenly the frontiers between film and reality seem to become blurred and the five go on a journey through movie history.


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